Monday, November 16, 2009

A furry little Christmas

Fighting for the humane treatment of animals is something that has always excited me which is why the RSPCA is one of my many favourite organisations, the work they do is just amazing! For anyone that has tried to brainstorm how to fundraise for an organisation will agree that it’s challenging and still the RSPCA has an exciting way making 2009 special for "All creatures great and small". I stumbled across this Christmas catalogue while I was surfing the RSPCA website as usual and I thought “what a fantastic idea!”. Why not do your Christmas shopping and charity donations all in once?

Hop, slither, glide or swim to for both fun and affordable RSPCA merchandise. What a great way to get involved in a wonderful charity this Christmas!

The animals say thank you :)

For more info about the RSPCA, you can visit

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cloud Control

Four eccentric indie rockers have established a unique reverberation and called it Cloud Control. Sydney based Alistair Wright, Jeremy Kelshaw and siblings Ulrich Lenffer and Heidi Lenffer won the Sydney University band competition back in ’06 and a mere twelve months later transformed into the brilliant recording artists that rocked my TV screen just this morning. As I was sipping my Rosehip tea I encountered Cloud Controls “Gold Canary” and these kids astonished me to say the least with their tasty blend of experimental folk lyrics and pop melodies. It’s all very Vampire Weekend if you ask me. In fact, if Fleetwood Mac collaborated with Vampire Weekend and kindly invited Neil Young, the result would be Cloud Control.
“And that’s how babies are made, son!”
Singing about buying your sister a gold canary as they sway through a psychedelic universe, Cloud Control kicks it old school with this quirky [MGMT inspired] clip.

Check them out at